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Why Iran?

By February 21, 2014January 1st, 2017Blog

iran-sfSpanWhen reading articles like this one in the New York Times, for many people, especially those in the West, Iran is somewhat of an enigma. The sources of information from news outlets and the like paint Iran as a political ogre with an ax to grind around every corner. We agree, at least in a political sense. However, the people of Iran are a beautiful lot with a rich culture and history and the government does not accurately represent the population. Iran is a nation with a population that is 75% under the age of 30.

This young demographic is desirous and even zealous for freedom and we believe that freedom is found in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Besides being the birth nation of our Founder, Kamran Karimi, Iran is on the heart of God. God has made promises to her concerning her freedom and success and we intend to be the voice that reminds Iran and the rest of the world of the freedom God has in store for them.

In modern times, you see the government of Iran resisting and spewing threats toward Israel and the West, which it believe represents Christians. However, historically, Iran has been a supporter of “Zionist” causes, such as financing the rebuilding of the city walls of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of its temple. It was Persian (Iranian) Magi or Kings from the East, trained by the Old Testament Prophet Daniel, who came seeking Jesus. Iran has paid it forward in past times and we believe God still desires to honor those acts of kindness by restoring freedom the wonderful people of Iran.

In light of this, we ask you to pray for Iran and us as we help guide her toward Jesus. Donate today, via, and help amplify The Voice of Freedom!!!


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