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Time for an Independence Day in Iran

By February 25, 2014January 1st, 2017Uncategorized

u11380I sit here looking out my window on America’s Independence Day after working a short shift at Starbucks. Families were coming in, ordering drinks; some were women wearing shorts and tank tops after finishing a workout, their children running around, the moms spending their money they earned to feed themselves and fuel themselves with caffeine to go through and enjoy the day with their families – to enjoy a day celebrating INDEPENDENCE. They set out to celebrate the freedom that our forefathers and soldiers had to fight for. I think we often do not think about this enough, and really one day is not enough, but as I go through the day I check my Facebook to see a load of “likes” and comments in response to a post I made last night as well as a couple posts that did NOT seem to get much attention from anyone.

Here we are in America, with women who have the liberties to work, earn money, vote, go out in public without their husbands to buy themselves a coffee, drive a car by themselves without the assistance or “permission” of a husband and yet we FORGET about the people in the world who are perfectly capable of doing the same thing yet these civil freedoms are held back from them because of a religious and political belief that women are NOT equal to men. I’m talking about IRAN, as you may have already guessed.

Last night I posted a link to a REAL issue in regards to the women’s rights in Iran and I got probably about 2-4 hits, earlier I posted some funny topics, and of course I received a larger response, WHY? So I posted about that, I guess to get peoples attention, and maybe to raise a little awareness on behalf of this problem – I think it worked when I saw about 30 likes. Well, below is my post from last night on Facebook, please take a read cause I believe it is something we ALL need to be aware of so we can actually do something about it and bring Independence to a NATION that has people just like you and I who are still human, despite any stereotypes and despite any past instances that a few people may have done to our nation on 9/11. Change cannot happen in this world unless we do something about it. Fighting a nation with the same man made weapons that they use against us can only go so far, it does NOT change the people in the nation, and that is what we are after – to change it from the INSIDE OUT. After all that is why our forefathers put principals and guidelines in place, i.e. – the constitution, the bill of rights etc..So we could continue to KEEP those rights they had to fight for.

Here’s the post:

Pardon me for being brash, and I can understand that people don’t always see what you post cause it shows up on a timeline etc…but isn’t it funny that you can post something funny, or popular, or a cool picture, or a great quote etc…and you get a great response, or an “lol” from people, or a “like”etc..but then when it comes to posting something about bringing an awareness of an ACTUAL issue that REALLY matters in life and the lives of others, and isn’t about self-frickin-gratification, that nobody clicks “like” or shares it, or cares to comment on it. I don’t know, perhaps it’s because it makes us feel like we should be responsible for something but instead for whatever reason we ignore it…or we say to oneself, “oh…the world isn’t perfect, what can I do? so why should I bother? If I do this I’ll always have to be doing something to make the world a better place…”

well my question is…SHOULDN’T WE BE TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE? Shouldn’t we be bringing God’s kingdom to earth through the principals He gave to us in His word? And by that I mean not just preaching it but actually doing something? Even if it’s as simple as raising awareness of an issue, or educating yourself about an issue. 

Ignorance is bliss some say…

“To conceal ignorance is to increase it” – Ghandi

We are ALL human, to ignore another brother or sisters hardship is essentially to say…”eh you’re not worth it.”

Knowledge = responsibility = action
Lack of action = ignorance = insidious taker


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