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The Jesus Way or the Political Way?

By February 21, 2014Uncategorized

With all the noise about politics between the United States, Israel and Iran it is very easy to lose sight of the human beings that live under their governing.  Nothing highlights the coldness of human politics like natural disasters that affect the lives of thousands and the politics that keep them from receiving the aid that they need.

One such incident is currently happening in the nation of Iran.  On the weekend of August 11, 2012, two deadly earthquakes fatally wounded and injured thousands and destroyed hundreds of villages.  The aftermath was horrific enough and to add insult to injury, instead of an immediate response from Western governments and the Church, people began to debate whether or not we could help the victims because they were unfortunate enough to live in the political upheaval of what is the Iranian government.  The saddest thing is that some of that rhetoric was even being spoken in the Christian church.

Really?  Is this how Jesus would respond to hurting people?  Should earthly politics keep Christians from being moved by compassion?  Are we more political than we are Christian?  Was Jesus political?

Jesus was never political.  He gave no credence to human politics.  In fact, He only came close, one time, to even engaging the political institution of His day, the Roman Empire.  He flippantly said, “Hey, Peter, just pay your taxes and quit worrying about human money and politics!” (Our paraphrase)

So, what is the position of the Christian in these overtly political times?  How do we respond when citizens of enemy states such as Iran are in jeopardy?  Well, first of all we must remember: This is not politics; it is people’s lives. The government of Iran does not, for the most part, represent its people! Just like the American government does not always represent its people and we at least can vote in our government.  They should not suffer for the hard line stupidity of their government!  We must remember that as Christians our primary and foremost devotion is to our God and His ways, shown to us through the life of His Son Jesus.

If we examine His life, we know that love is and should be our only motivator and the primary evidence that we are Christians.  We should be quick to act in compassion and slow to judge people.  Let’s examine our Christianity, are we known for the love Jesus said we should be?  Are we living life the way of Jesus or the way of human politics?

If you took the time to read this, you obviously see the value of every human life.  The Voice of Freedom currently has “boots on the ground” in Iran.  Members of our underground house church are currently poised and ready to aid the victims of this earthquake.  All they need is resources.  Click donate at the top of the page today and help us help them!  Every minute counts and every dollar counts in helping these people.  Let’s show them some love.

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