What is Nedae Azadi?

Nedae Azadi (Neh-dye-eh Ah-Zah-Dee) or in English, The Voice Of Freedom, is the original outreach of The VOF and is a television broadcast that has been airing since 2003. It is a daily half-hour program that airs via satellite and the internet 4 times a day. 80 million Iranians, 29 million Afghanis, & 7 Million Tajiks speak Farsi, The language in which Nedae Azadi is produced.

What is the purpose?

Through our broadcast we share the life saving message of Freedom through Jesus’ love, and grace to farsi-speaking Muslims around the world. We engage the audience through cutting edge, engaging, television content that is higher than the quality of what is commonly aired by major secular broadcasters in Iran, while at the same time teaching biblical principles. 75% Of Iran’s Population is under the age of 30. Targeting this demographic will allow us to change the culture and socio-political climate from the inside out.

Need to know:

  • Nedae Azadi is produced in the language of Farsi.
  • 80 million Iranians, 29 million Afghanis, & 7 Million Tajiks speak Farsi.
  • 75% Of Iran’s Population is under the age of 30.

Why is this needed?

“Iran executes the second highest number of prisoners in the world annually, behind only China.” -Amnesty International

“…Of the roughly 80 million Iranians, 4 million are hooked on drugs.” -The Globe and Mail

“2.2 percent of Iranian adults are addicted to drugs, the highest rate in the world.” -UN World Drug Report

“Iran’s judicial and legal system systematically violates the human rights of accused drug offenders, in particular their right to a fair trial, resulting in numerous death sentences in violation of international law.” –Human Rights Watch

“600 people in Iran were executed in 2010, 80 percent were drug offenders.” That is 480 execution that are in violation of the international law.  -Human Rights Watch

With all these issues the youth are in great need of direction, and sound biblical teaching.

What are your future plans?

While we have been broadcasting our program we are currently in development of our own television network that would allow us to have even more control of the media we broadcast but would also allow us to broadcast engaging, powerful, life-changing content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Watch Nedae Azadi

If you speak farsi or you have a friend that would like to watch our programs we have them archived and available to stream at www.nedaeazadi.tv or you can watch them below.



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