Freedom Connection Leadership Conferences – FCLT

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For the past 8 years, The Voice Of Freedom broadcast has been in the nation of Iran. Through the response we have received we have been able to identify Iranians who have strong leadership abilities and a drive to make a life better than the one they have had. Since 2009 we have been equipping more and more leaders with sustainable principles and teaching that they can use in their day to day life but have also been able to train them to become leaders with a vision to effectively evangelize and establish house churches.

How effective has it been?

Since 2009, we have successfully trained  over 100 leaders that are now in Iran multiplying themselves in an underground movement to change their nation from the inside out.

Be The Change – Come To An FCLT Conference

A great way to TAKE ACTION is to actually go and do something. We hold FCLT Conferences every 3 months, where you will be able to journey with us and fly to our undisclosed location (for the safety of our leaders) and actually BE the change. Most of your days will be spent getting to know the people, helping with the training of our leaders, and you will also get to enjoy great sites as we change things one person at a time. The best way to battle poverty is not to just throw money at things but to show someone how they can be sustainable and this is what you will have the opportunity to do.


We have a lot of emerging leaders that want to be able to come to an FCLT Conference but due to unemployment, financial circumstances, and lack of assistance they cannot always make it to our conferences. Our conferences are held quarterly and by giving you can choose to sponsor a leaders entire trip to our next conference or you can give a gift towards sponsoring an emerging leaders trip to our next conference.



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