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Raise Poverty Awareness

“The official rate of unemployment in Iran stands at 11.9 percent, while the unofficial number exceeds 45 percent.”

According to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Iranian Resistance, “10 million people in Iran are living under the absolute poverty line.”

“More than 30 million Iranians are currently living under the relative poverty line.” – Adel Azar (Director of Iranian Statistics Office)

Some economic observers note that growth or decline are dependent on macroeconomic factors, and in view of the overall economic state Iran is in, there are no prospects for improvement in the current situation. Unemployment has also been repeatedly referred to as one of the biggest challenges to the Iranian economy, threatening it both now and in the future.

Loosen Poverty’s Grip

Spread the word & amplify freedom

One of the most effective ways to start a movement is to get people talking about the issues. Simply by sharing this page you can help us raise awareness to our solutions in the fight against poverty that 10 million people are battling in Iran because there is the possibility of more and more seeing that it is a real issue.

Why Share?

1 in 11 people share a post – only 11%

Amount of 18-24 year olds on social media – 98%

Amount of people on Facebook – 1.11 billion of 7 billion population

Lower Poverty Through Training of Biblical Stewardship

Freedom Connection Leadership Conferences – FCL

Why training?

Since 2003, we have been broadcasting into the nation of Iran, and the surrounding Farsi speaking nations of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, as well as through Europe where over 750 thousand Iranian are scattered.  Through the response we have received, we have been able to identify the young emerging Iranians who have strong leadership abilities and a drive to make a life better than the one they have had.

Since 2008, we have been training more and more young people with sustainable principles and teachings on Biblical Stewardship that they can use in their day to day life.

We also have been locating those with the call to the ministry to become leaders of house churches (which we believe is the hope of the community).  They are trained and equipped to emerge into a leader with a vision to effectively reach their community and establish hope in their communities by planting life-giving house churches.

How effective has it been?

We have trained over 250 young emerging leaders since our first training conference in 2008 and they are overseeing numerous life-giving house churches in seven major cities in Iran as well as the nation of Turkey, Armenia and several European countires.  Through these consistent trainings these life giving churches are multiplying and reaching more Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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