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The Voice of Freedom is a faith based ministry to Equip the young emerging Iranian nationals, Reshape Iranian Cultures through them, and Establish Freedom throughout the Iranian social climate through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    What we do breaks up into 3 major categories


    EQUIP: To outfit with resources
    NATIONALS: ones devoted to a nation


    Since 2003 we have been casting a wide net into the Farsi Speaking Muslim world through our television program, “The Voice of Freedom.”  As masses of lives have been harvested and relationships developed, we have identified potential emerging young leaders who have strong leadership capabilities. These Christian revolutionaries have been equipped with a heavenly vision to effectively evangelize and make disciples through our Freedom Connection Leadership Training Conferences in order to establish and lead life giving house churches in Iran called “Peyvande Azadi.”

    NEDAE AZADI - TV Broadcast

    Nedae Azadi or in English, The Voice of Freedom, is the original approach of the VOF and has been airing since 2003.  The Voice of Freedom is a daily half-hour program aired both via satellite and the Internet four times daily.  We share the life-saving message of God’s freedom and love with Farsi-speaking Muslims. Our programs are produced in Farsi, which is the main language of 70 million Iranians, 29 million Afghanis, and 9 million Tajiks.


    RESHAPE: to shape and mold into a new form
    CULTURE: stage of civilization





    As our Freedom Connection Leadership Training has drawn increasingly more of the young generation of Iranians and Afghanis, the VOF has established international training bases in Istanbul, Turkey – Yerevan, Armenia- Dubai, United Arab Emirates to accommodate the growth.  These bases are also hosting Iranian churches, which allows us to bring a full life giving worship and church service experience to those Farsi speaking Muslims and ex-Muslims every week through our international team and our USA team via live stream technology.

    In 2009, we launched our Freedom Connection Training Centers.  Through the medium of our house churches and the technology of an iPod and other electronic devices, as well as live streaming we have established solid trainings and equipped multitude of Farsi-speaking trainers in Farsi communities both in Iran and abroad.

    With over 450 hours of digital training classes, we send our digital training school into Iran on an iPod or other electronic devices, which enables a more secure and consistent delivery of the training than other larger and less secure mediums. These classes allow us to train emerging leaders with disciplines for every sector of the culture in Iran.

    JAVANAN TV - Persian Youth Network

    This is a very strategic approach, considering that over 70% of Iran’s population is under the age of 30 with 50% of them under the age of 15. Targeting this demographic will allow us to reshape the culture and socio-political and economic climate from the inside out.

    With issues such as depression, high drug addiction, unemployment, poverty, and prostitution, the Iranian youth are in much need of answers and direction in life.  Javanan TV will offer relevant answers 24 hours a day.

    Javanan TV Network is a launch of a new era for Iranian television as he first reality show network which deals with the most predominant issues of the culture on daily basis.

    IN ALLAH THEY TRUST - Book by Kamran Karimi

    Founder Kamran Karimi, in partnership with Harrison House Publishing, released his book entitiled “In Allah They Trust.”  Through this book The VOF desires to cultivate love and compassion toward Muslims in the hearts of Christians and to educate the Church and Western society about the force of Islam.

    Forwarded by David Barton of Wall Builders International, this book is an invaluable resource to the Church who has largely ignored its biggest and most rapidly growing opposition.

    To find out more or to purchase the book please visit the store.



    ESTABLISH: to bring about permanently
    FREEDOM: liberty & power to determine action

    KELISAYE PEYVANDE AZADI - House Church Planting

    With the help of our leadership, we have developed a thriving underground house church movement that we call Kelisaye Peyvande Azadi or in English, Freedom Connection Churches.  These house churches as a hotspots for both new and established Iranian Christ followers, helping to foster and nourish the emerging Christians throughout Iran and Farsi-speaking communities.

    Thus far, we are seeing Freedom Connection Churches flourish among Farsi-speaking people throughout Iran, Turkey, Armenia, USA and many European cities.

    Our vision is to train and equip 1000 emerging leaders to plant 1000 life giving Peyvande Azadi house churches in every city and village of Iran by the end of 2018.

    We have had hundreds of emerging leaders trained and equipped since our first training in 2008.  Even with daily persecutions and threats to their lives they have served Christ with resolve and absolute commitment.

    Training leaders to train leaders and so on is our model of church planting. Every week we continually train leaders in multiple nations in the Middle East to carry out our vision of 1000 churches along with semi annual training conferences in Middle Eastern nations.

    We are confident that we can turn the tide of hopelessness in Iran and empower a generation to take a stand for justice and freedom through the power of God.

    The LORD your God has multiplied you, and here you are today, as the stars of heaven in multitude. May the LORD God of your fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are, and bless you as He has promised you! (Deuteronomy 1:10-11 NKJV)


    From our multiple bases we oversee operations in Iran and we facilitate follow-up with those who contact us through phone, email and social media.  We also distribute Bibles and resources from these bases.  Since 2011, in partnership with other organizations such as World Compassion, we have secured over 25,000 Farsi Bibles for distribution in Iran and among other Farsi-speaking communities.

    In addition to Bibles, we are equipped with training resources that have been translated in Farsi by us to further our reach and to equip trainers throughout the regions we work in.


     Opportunities abound here at The Voice of Freedom for you to AMPLIFY the cause of Freedom!  Each person who adds their voice to ours helps to make the cry for freedom louder and louder on behalf of those whose voices have been drowned out by religious, Islamic dictatorships.  Every minute counts toward making a difference! If you are an individual or are an organization and you would like to partner with us on a larger scale than you can:

    • Volunteer or intern with us


    • Come with us to help at FCL Conference


    • Give financially


    • Contact us to join your company or organization along side us as a partnership to accomplish establishing freedom in Iran


    Kamran Karimi founded The Voice of Freedom, originally called Global Exploits Ministries, in 2000.  As an Iranian born US citizen, Kamran accepted the call of God to serve the Lord and people of his native born country.  Iran is a closed-door nation, meaning that the Gospel cannot be preached openly and as such, it requires a unique wisdom for reaching its people.

    In 2001, we began exploring a new direction from the Lord by researching the use of television aired via satellite to reach into Iran with the message of faith and freedom through Jesus Christ.  As a result, in 2003, we began airing a weekly program entitled Nedae Azadi, which translated from Farsi means The Voice of Freedom.  By 2006, we began airing the program daily and its influence has become significant in helping to reshape the culture of Iran and the lives of Iranians.

    The Voice of Freedom has evolved into a church planting organization established to help equip Iranian nationals, reshape Iranian culture and establish freedom in the Iranian social climate. The Voice of Freedom centers on the person of Jesus Christ and his love for all humanity and His desire that they be free of all oppression.

    The VOF continues to air television programs into Iran and Iranian communities around the globe. Because 75% of the Iranian population is under the age of 30, The Voice of Freedom specializes in developing the current and emerging generations of Iranians and seeks to reach and train them with the reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Here at The VOF our passion is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims and to see their cultures and societies be transformed into ones of freedom in Christ.  We also desire to raise awareness among Christians and non-Islamic nations concerning the spiritual and natural effects of Islam on people and cultures.

    We understand that there are many things we are doing and it could be hard to keep track on how to get involved to make a difference – so let us make it easy to take action!