Iranian Children Visiting Their Freedom Fighting Mom in Jail

By February 21, 2014Uncategorized

While here in the United States we enjoy, or in some cases begrudgingly endure, freedom of expression and the right to protest, i.e. Tea Party Movement or the Occupy Protestors, citizens of hard line Islamic nations such as Iran endure imprisonment for being peaceful protestors.  In the article featured here, we see one such woman who has dedicated herself to the cause of freedom and for such has been imprisoned in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons.

This is common-place in Iran.  You cannot help but be moved to tears while watching this woman’s children talk to her through the glass of a prison cell.  You also have to know that their mom is fighting for a better future for her children.  She is fighting, as are we, for a free Iran!

Here at The VOF, our goal is to support the cause of Freedom in Iran.  As we are sharing the Gospel with Iran, we are also pounding the pavement of New York City, visiting the United Nations and letting freedom be heard while opposing Iranian policies on the floor of the Human Right Committee.  Pray for us as we continue to mold and change Iran for the cause of Christ, the cause of Freedom.  We believe that Christians should be advocating for freedom around the world, the Bible says that who the Son has set free, is free INDEED!


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