Fighting for Human Rights In Iran

By February 21, 2014Blog

Abdolfattah SoltaniThere is often a lot of talk in Christian circles about the person who will be the Anti-Christ in the “last days.” While we may not know who that is yet, we do know that the Church at large is grappling with anti-Christ ideologies every day. One such ideology, that is anti everything Jesus Christ stood for, is that of fear and bondage. Jesus came to set people free. He came to give them a choice and provided everything they needed to be free from mindsets that would keep them bound up in a loveless and fear filled life.

In our work in Iran, we daily face attempts from the Iranian government to stamp out the freedom that comes through the message of Jesus Christ, the Gospel. In the past four months alone we have had staff arrested, threatened with prison and death and Bibles confiscated. Like the lawyer jailed for his work as a human rights activist, our leaders are persecuted and jailed for their exercise of freedom of religion. We remain undaunted and we ask that you pray for these wonderful people who are full of love for the people of their nation.

We are continuing to spread the Gospel in the nation of Iran via the web, T.V. and Bible distribution.

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